The Life and Legacy of Debbie Friedman

The Life and Legacy of Debbie Friedman

The official site of the life and legacy of Debbie Friedman (1951 – 2011). This site is dedicated to Debbie's beloved Jewish music, accomplished career, and her personal impact on so many who cherished her.



1951  –  2011

Debbie Friedman live at the 2005 URJ Biennial in Houston, Texas.

“My music has become the vehicle by which I am able to create a sense of a safe and loving space. It is a space in which hands and arms and souls touch in gentle song.”
  – Debbie Friedman, 1997

That statement is an expression of the driving force in Debbie’s life. Her music continues to teach, entertain and create community out of, what was once, a gathering of individuals. Her identity as a Jewish woman informed her life and served as a point of reference for all that she worked for in her life. She sang of her beliefs – she sang of her heritage – she sang of her commitment to finding the intrinsic value of every person. For those of you who have followed Debbie as she lived her passion, we thank you. For those who are, for the first time, getting to know Debbie’s work, we hope you will find it meaningful on every level – comforting, exciting, humorous, and educational.

  – Freda Friedman, Cheryl Friedman, and Barbara and Werner Egli