The Life and Legacy of Debbie Friedman

The Life and Legacy of Debbie Friedman

The official site of the life and legacy of Debbie Friedman (1951 – 2011). This site is dedicated to Debbie's beloved Jewish music, accomplished career, and her personal impact on so many who cherished her.

New Classical Guitar Recording of Debbie's Songs

Classical guitarist Joe Marks has released two albums of his arrangements of 18 Debbie's songs. They are available on oySongs as digital albums and sheet music.

Jewish Lights Publishing Releases Children's Book, LULLABY, By Debbie Friedman and Lorraine Bubar


Jewish Lights Publishing has released LULLABY, a children's book with lyrics and music by Debbie Friedman and illustrations by Lorraine Bubar.


Jewish Lights Publishing has released LULLABY, a wonderful new children's book with lyrics and music by Debbie Friedman and illustrations by Lorraine Bubar. It includes a CD with Debbie's recording of the now-classic song.

Timeless words of comfort that will help children know that God will keep them safe throughout the night.

“So many things to think about before you go to sleep. 
You did so many things today and you’ll do so many more tomorrow. 
So many things to feel about before you go to sleep. 
God will take care of the ones you love 
    and keep you safe throughout the night.”

Beloved singer-songwriter Debbie Friedman’s touching music comes alive for your child in this charming adaptation of her bestselling and beloved song Lullaby. Beautiful and soothing imagery will capture your child’s imagination while Debbie’s comforting assurance of God’s protection will make bedtime a peaceful and intimate experience.

Israeli Singer, Bat Ella Birnbaum, Issues Hebrew-Only L'CHI LACH: BAT ELLA SINGS DEBBIE FRIEDMAN


L'CHI LACH contains all-Hebrew versions of the songs of Debbie Friedman.


[Information on ordering L'chi Lach coming soon]

Israeli musical artist, Bat ella Birnbaum’s album, L’Chi Lach: Bat Ella Sings Debbie Friedman, is a stunning tribute to Debbie and gift to us all. The deep love Debbie and Bat ella had for one another is reflected throughout. Each of the compositions are translated to Hebrew, while maintaining the integrity of Debbie’s lyrics. The melodies stay true to Debbie’s – note for note. 

In Bat ella’s words, “L’Chi Lach contains thirteen of Debbie’s songs, the most meaningful to me from among the hundreds she wrote.” The photographs on the jacket and insert are works of art. Each track’s description presents the Hebrew lyrics, English translation, and transliteration, making the recording very user-friendly.

Bat ella sings Debbie’s last composition, “Shalom Aleichem.”  It is the one song on the recording that Debbie did not live long enough to record herself. Debbie believed that this song would be her signature song, as time passed. You will understand why Debbie’s prediction was accurate when you hear Bat ella’s recording.

Other songs on the album are, “T’filat Haderach,” “The Angels’ Blessing,” “Mi Chamocha,” “Miriam’s Song,” “Sh’ma,” “V’ahav’ta,” “Ashar Yatzar/Elohai,” “You Are the One,” V’Shamru,” “Mi Shebeirach,” and, of course, the title song, “L'Chi Lach.”

"Our family is grateful, beyond measure, to you, dear friend, for this beautiful tribute to Debbie. She has created a brilliant work of art that is a gift to Debbie and a gift to us. Anyone who knew Debbie knows that one of her unfulfilled dreams was to share her music with the people of Israel. Now, Bat ella has fulfilled that dream for her. With love to our dear Bat ella."

  – Freda, Barbara, and Cheryl Friedman

"Bat ella has given the Hebrew-singing Jewish world an amazing and heartfelt gift: Debbie Friedman's greatest songs! In a beautifully crafted disc filled with Bat ella's luscious voice and exquisite Hebrew versions, we now have a repertoire for many settings. Israelis love to sing, and while our Hebrew culture is rich with Hebrew songs, only recently have Israelis begun to create a modern beat to classical prayers. Debbie Friedman was the pioneer of this field in America. She became our beloved songstress in the English-speaking world, and most Israelis never heard of her. Now, with this lovely disc, Bat ella gives us another voice to sing, pray, celebrate, mourn, and rejoice!"


OSEH SHALOM Featured On Essential Voices USA's New Jewish Music Recording

CHERISHED MOMENTS: SONGS OF THE JEWISH SPIRIT, a new CD on Sono Luminus (DSL-92182), was released on October 28, 2014 with Essential Voices USA, conducted by Judith Clurman with soloists Bruce Ruben, Ron Raines and Michael Slattery. A highlight of the recording is the inclusion of Sally Lamb McCune’s arrangement of Debbie Friedman’s Oseh Shalom. The arrangement will be published by Hal Leonard music.

For purchase: Amazon or iTunes. For further information: